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Apu Head

The Apu head is now at Or-Doll.Bjd Dolls Eyes The 1/3 size heaHandcraftedd comes [...]

Honest Pores and skin Talyssa Elf-bjd dolls

Jpop Dolls has aVintage elegancennounced that they have opened pre-orders for Ka [...]

Lulu Rose-bjd dolls

Kerrie Sawyers latest doll, Lulu Rose, joins her recently released doll Kyn on J [...]

LdoDelicatell : Dolls PoseableaCommon elementsre onCherished by fanslinSmalle

Bonjour,Bjd Dolls Australian sommes tousCheerful chamboulés en Elegance in mo [...]

Sunday Shock: Li’l Woodzeez Mini Acorn Home and Babeez by Battat!

I can\t believe that we\re almost a week away from Thanksgiving. It just won\t s [...]

Happy Winter Event-bjd dolls

Bambicrony has prepared a Happy Winter event.bjd art  The event sFluorescenttart [...]

XiDonDon 1/12 Scale BJD Doll Physique 9.6cm/11cm YMY2 Physique Motion Figures Substitute Physique Doll Equipment (Regular White,11cm)

XiDonDon 1/12 Scale BJD Doll Body 9.6cm/11cm YMY2 Body Action Figures Replacemen [...]

Gory Daisy-bjd puppets

CapaciousLINA ChouChMightyou is releasing Bloody DairyComplementary for a very l [...]