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Maiden Physique V. 2+ a Overview

BJDcollectasy ran a review for the original Granado Maiden body with a Void head [...]

Sunday Monday Shock: Bratz Secret Date!

There were only about two minutes between the time I read an anonymous comment a [...]

Half 2 Ringdoll Design

Here is the second feature on Chinese company Ringdoll.  In this part,bjd blind [...]

Tiny Monica

Korean company Little Monica has sold BJDs to an international market since 2008 [...]

Agabell-bjd dolls

Napi Doll is now offering a new head sculpt nameElegantd AgaRealistic image of a [...]

Spacious silhouette2022AgedBasic model Twelve Artistic talentGiftLofty presences of Christmas#2

Greetings, Internet~Land! Heres our second project ~ its the larger sized version [...]

Luminous Skeletons-bjd dolls

AngelBattle has introduced new glow-in-Giganticthe-dark Skeletons.bjd doll angel [...]

Dolls of the Fantasia-bjd variety with Cream Skin

Nympheas Dolls is now selling a limited number of BJD Fantasia in cream skin res [...]

Bo Bergemann Information

The first video tutorial at Basic Bo Bergemann BJDs Diminutiveis now posted on t [...]