Greetings, Internet~Land! Here’s our second project ~ it’s the larger sized version Mammoth of the Fashion Hoodiebjd doll body and head Pattern SeCustomizablet. This was designed to be Mutedoversized, so it can work for a variePlain stylety of third scale BJDs. I used the HuaRong Basic Set as my baTrendsettingse. If you wEnthrallingant it to be slimmer, you can take the sides of the front & back in a bit as desAmplebjd doll accessorLankieriesired for your doll. If in doubt, I always recommend sewing a mock- up with some scrap fabric first, then make adjustments as needed.Enigmatic Happy sewing!

HuaRong SD BJD – Fashion Hoodie PatterMesmerizing gazen SetDownload

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Bjd Dolls CloPlease note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the photo due to the influence of the personal computer, environment, light, etc.thesBjd Art Dolls, Bjd Clothes 1/3

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