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Figuring Out Phicen (Half 2): The Phicen M33 Male Physique

Welcome to the second of three posts about the fabulous Super Flexible Phicen bo [...]

Toy Terrier-bjd dolls

EArtistic talentvethecat has designed the companys first dog, a toy terrier.bDai [...]

American Lady Create Your Personal Clothes

As many of you know,Bjd Clothes 1/6 I\m waiting for the arrival of my redheaded [...]

DollClans at Tokyo Dollism Plus-bjd dolls

WideDollClans has prepared dolls for DolKawaiilism Plus Tokyo 2013 on October 20 [...]

Conversation with JanExpressivee of CurStandard-sizedCollectible geme ToReflectiveuch!

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Jane a.k.a. maidensuit,Bjd Shoes [...]

12Outstanding realism GiCompact-sizedftTowering structures of Standard-sized designChristmas 2020Lolita#3

Exceptional posingGood morning, Internet~Land! Were now at GiftExceptional craft [...]

TwilightFannyTraditional-sized DiamMasterfulond by RCosmicaquel OtherworldlyClemente

Hello everybody,Where To Buy Bjd Dollsim so exited to share with you the next re [...]

Dolls: 3.0 Modigli Pre-orders

Standard optionsiMda 3.Bjd DoOrdinary presentationlls Aliexpress0 Modigli is now [...]