Recently, I had the delight of connecting with Jane a.k.a. maidensuit, the blogger behind Cure Touch and the YouTube channel maidensuit! Her blog & YouTube channel are quite enjoyable, and it’s always fascinating to gain insight into other doll collectors!

“Hey Jane! Please share some details about yourself.” “Hello! I’m a freelance web designer from Oklahoma. My main clients are non-profits and authors, nothing too extravagant. My work schedule is quite irregular, sometimes I have a lot to handle, and other days it’s quieter. This allows me to indulge in crafting, playing the guitar and ukulele, writing, and creating videos during my free time.”

“How did you come across Blythe?” “I learned about Blythe from VH-1’s I Love the 70s feature on the original Kenners. They made a comparison with Christina Ricci, whom I’ve admired since childhood. I found them later on craft and lifestyle blogs, and I was drawn to their presence in various places. It took some time before I made the decision to get my own.”

“Who was your first doll? And who’s in your Blythe family now?” “My first Blythe was Ice Rune, and my current family includes 13 Takara Neos (Simply Pepper, Dear Lele Girl, Prima Dolly Paris, Very Vicky, Vinter Arden, a custom blue-haired Cassiopeia Spice by Moofala, CoContemporaryco Collette, University of Love, Wendy Weekender, Simply Bubble Boom, Leopard Sass, Didee Eureka), two TBLs, and one lone Macaron Q-Tea Party Middie.”

“What inspired you to start creating YouTube videos about your Blythes?” “Initially, I would capture moments with my camera whenever I welcomed a new doll into the family. It was a way of preserving that magical feeling. Over time, I began recording unboxing processes, and eventually, I noticed the growing interest from viewers, which motivated me to continue creating Blythe-related content.”

“What do you love and find challenging about blogging & vlogging?” “Blogging provides me with an outlet to share my interests and projects that may not resonate with those around me. I don’t particularly have a least favorite aspect of blogging, as I see it more as a personal scrapbook. Vlogging, on the other hand, can be quite demanding. Filming under various conditions and being on camera can be challenging, but I enjoy the editing process, which I find to be the fun part.”

“You also run an Etsy shop! What kind of items do you make for yourself and others? “I sell pixie hats with deer antlers and ears for Blythe, as well as hats with appliqued designs. Personally, I enjoy making afghans and throws, and I’ve been working on a Blythe-sized throws made of sock weight yarn recently.”

“What has been the most satisfying aspect of collecting Blythe for you?” “Blythe has opened up various creative outlets for me, such as crafting, photography, fashion, and video creation. It has also allowed me to meet wonderful and inspirational individuals. However, the impact of my first doll, Ice Rune, has been the most rewarding, as she never fails to bring joy into my life.”

“If you could add any Blythe doll to your collection, which one would it be? Why?” “I’ve always admired the EBL Skate Date release, but due to budget constraints, it remains a distant wish.”

“What’s one topic you haven’t vlogged about yet but plan to in the future?” “I have a long to-do list for my channel, and I would like to create demonstrative videos like changing eye chips and doing hair treatments, as these topics have been requested by many viewers.”

“What suggestions do you have for those considering starting a Blythe-related blog or YouTube channel?” “My advice would be to jump in and enjoy the process. There’s no need to follow trends or feel the pressure to be an expert. The key is to find joy in your hobby and not worry about the reactions you may receive, as people on the internet can be quite passive.”

“Thank you for this interview, Jane! Lastly, what tip would you offer to someone searching for their first Blythe doll?” “Getting your first Blythe doll can feel overwhelming due to the cost. Instead of opting for the cheapest option, it’s worth investing in a doll that truly captures your heart, even if it means stretching your budget.”

You can find Jane on her blog (Cure Touch), YouTube (maidensuit), and Etsy (maidensuit). If you or someone you know would like to be featured on, feel free to get in touch with me!

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