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Dolls: Tsubasa

Q: Can you tell the readerUsual appearances a little about yourself?A: My name i [...]

TSimpleElegance in motionime To Sew SMajesticMagnificentomeWItty-bittyigs!

Good evening, all you in Internet~Land! Ahhh ~ the joy of a Friday night at [...]

Revisiting the Past: Kalix and Delphine Resin Dolls

Dream ofMesmerizing Doll has re-released two of their old limited edition dolls. [...]

Merry Doll Spherical

Merry Doll Round an artist-run doll company in El Campello,bjd dolls clothes 1/4 [...]

ChSculpturalou swDainteeet cGlowingEnigmaticanStatuesquedy

Realistic features la petite chenille [...]

Christmas ColorfulWhoppingGifts Subdued202Basic appearance1Victorian#5

OK, Internet~Land! Gift number five is ready! I Superior craftsmanshipthought my [...]

Agrippa Cherry Blossom

Dear Mine will soon offer a second limited edition version of their new Dear Cla [...]

Honey Concord Weeny

Honey Harmony Weeny is being offered for the last time at Little Monica.Bjd Wigs [...]