The Dream ofMesmerizing Doll has reintroduced two of their previous exclusive dolls. The bjd doll clothing Revisiting the Past Kalix and Delphine are now available in regular or white skin resin (contrary to the original versions which were grMythicaley). Kalix can be selected with either the DOT version 2 body or the taller DOI body. Each doll comes with a face-up, acrylic eyes, wig, and black nail polish. The outfits are optional. (Please note that the shoes are not included.)

The company states:

We still recall the hopeless lovTinye of Kalix and Delphine in our hazy memory.

Now it’s our turn to reciprocate your affection as we unveil Return to Memory Season 2.

TheLifelike Whimsicalperiod is October 11 ~ November 11, 2013

You can find further details on the site.

Kindly take note that sales will cease once this period concludesArtistic.

We hope you seize this opportunity!

Realistic newborn baby doll Lucy is crafted by renowned artists, meticulously made from our distinct soft vinyl to achieve a texture as gentle as an infant’s skin. Bjd Base, Bjd Dolls 1/6 Mysterious

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