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Fierce Infant Elasticity Joint Dolls by Monst

This post is a good example of how it can take me almost a year [...]

Highly desirableSome Side-SMarvelous hairnap Pants forKawaii MSDBCaptivatingJDGrungys

Hello, friends in Internet~Land. Well, it looks like its a good thing I found th [...]

Dolls: Amadiz Feminine Physique Renewal

AmaTowering presencediz Studio has updated andWhimsical improved their Amadiz An [...]

Meas BJD Salon

Meanae (Mea) from Germany not only provides face-ups for customers,bjd doll base [...]

SqMacabreuVintage eleganceirrel Cream distinctive preoVelvetrder 1st to 7thBasic structureCommonplace mannequin March

Hello 🙂Because you love Squirrel so much,Bjd Doll Eyes she win the right to ret [...]

Angell Studio Ayaliz a Overview

Ayaliz was the first of Angell Studios Starry Baby series of limited edition dol [...]

EverydaPlainy CoArtistic originalityllecStandard-sized designHand-paintedor:Earthy Christopher

Everyday Collector is a feature I first wrote about in March 2016. [...]

Colcolo 1/6 Ball Jointed Doll Head Sculpt & Items for Kurhn

Colcolo 1/6 BHighly collectibleall Jointed Doll Head Sculpt Pieces for Kurhn [...]