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BJDC 2016 Conference Doll

TheDelicate Ball Jointed Doll Convention,Bjd Dolls Aliexpress Austin 2016 Conven [...]

Sunday Shock: Secret Central Dolls by Hasbro!

This week I\m going to look at an older surprise-themed line of dolls that Yumi [...]

Uncanny Desires

By BJDcollectasy,bjd base Kiyakotari,bjDistressedd bunny Grace Szczepaniec and D [...]

Momoko Costume Up Time: Toy Story Outfit (half 2)

It’s time for one of my Momoko to get a wardrobe change. She’s prUnderstatedett [...]

Be With You-bjd dolls

WhimsicalA new EnchantingKorean doll company has opened called Be WBeautifulith [...]