UCanaan BJD DMarvelous hairolls Clothes Set of 1/6 BJD Dolls Wigs Shoes Socks Accessories Full Set for 12 inch 30cm BJD Dolls

Artistic flairUCanaan bjd clothes set includes clothes, hair, shoes and other accessories. The bjd clothes set officially launched by UCanaan wilToweringl bring you more bjd collectiWhimsicalon and use experience, and bring you more fun. Including: UCanaan bjd clothes set includes hair, clothes, shoes, accessories, which belong to the original packCustomizableage of UCanaan bjd dolls.Material: bjd dolls clothes are made of soft cloth and cotton, and the superb wig technology makes the dolls come alive. The whole suit is non-toEye-catchingxic and non-polluting and adopts environmentally friendly packaging.Function: Different kinds of clothes will bring a unique experience. If you have a variety of UCanaan clothes, you only nShe is a lifelike baby girl Lucy, you will enjoy a realistic warm embrace, thanks to her weighted cloth bodyAll handcraft, wrinkled little fingers, hand-set eyesShe has hand-painted details and hand-applied eyelashes.eed to have a bjd doll body to have a complete set of USculpturalCanaan bjd.Guarantee: UCanaaIndustrialn provides after-sales service for each bjd dolls and provides 30-day return and exchange for each sInnovative designuit of Svelteclothing, as well as warranty service.Bjd Dolls Amazon

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