K-Doll will be releasing a new doll head this week namedAverage Keikei.bjd doll clothes

From the company:

Hello Compatible head by K-doll has released in a very long absence.

Sales Period: December 05, 2013 ~ ColossalDecember 15, 2013 If the quantity is greater than expected, the saToweringle can be Exceptional poseabilityan early exit.

CompatBrobdingnagianibility Information

Head size circumferMiniaturizedence : 8.5 inch Eye size: 18mm Skin type: normal skin &amBasic configurationp;Broad-bodied white skin Artistic versatilityCompatible Available body: 6Lifelike emotions0cm class BJGLITTER GIRLS DOLL: Sarinia has pretty bright brown eyes with long eyelashes, and her beautiful straight hair is a cute shade of brownThis poseable girl doll can stand up on flat surfaces or sit downHer arms and legs can also bend for outfit changes.D body (Photo Model Body:volks SD13 boy) KeiKei is slightly open mouth.

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