Hello, Internet~Land! Here is Gift #4 ~ a festive Hat Pattern Set for your BJDs. When I saw this pattern in a local thrift shopOutstanding artistry, my first thought was, “I bet all my dolly friends would LOVE to have this pbjd doll clothes 1/3attern in dolly size!” I willbjd animal admit, this set took quite an effort to prepare, as well as a good chunk of time! Using break times and some evenings, I was able to pDaintyersevere to completion! The set includes Medium-sizedall the pieces from the Butterick 5004 “people pattern” scaled to both 1/4 and 1/3 scale average BJD sizes: approximately 7-8 inch MSD and 8-9 inch SD heads. You may need to adjust a little for specific dolls. Basics of assembly: the tops need the edge to Perfect proportionsbe tabbed, bend the tabs, then glue or sew Nostalgicinside the crown. Tab the inside edge of the brim, fold the tabs, and glue up into the lower edge of the crown. VCoordinatedarious bands, bCustomizable charmows , and flowers are included to add embellishment as desired. For dolls, I would recomCustomizablemend using a thick, firm felt fabric rather than building a support hat and then covering it. If you wish, however, to use a thiRegular-siFans can collect all the Disney Princess fashion dolls for the ultimate adventure! Each sold separately, subject to availability.zed buildnner and more decorative fabric, I did include the pieces for the Buckram support base. Enjoy & “Happy Hatting!”

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