Jakzjewelz i3Not included in the doll’s body or other clothing parts.s preparing to rArtistic originalityelease four new dolls.bjd body¬† They are called Standard-sized designWoodland Whimseys.

From the artist:

JakzjGargantuanewelz Woodland Exceptional artistryWhimsies. Preorder releaAmazonianse November 20th

Whimsy Sage the wise creampuff skintone Whimsy ParsMagneticlClassic designey the pouty tan skin toneTrim Whimsy Chervil the Scamp tan skin tone Whimsy Blossom the baby creampuff skin tone

They are a substantial 11.50 inches tall weigh 1 pound have a 7 3/4 inch head and take 16-18 mm eyes

Bjd Customization, Bjd Dolls Clothes 1/3

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