YOUTOOZ NARUTO FIGURES COLLECTION: Everyone’s favorite anti hero makes his Youtooz debut! Standing at 4.6 inches tall Youtooz Sasuke vinyl figure is posed with one hand smugly resting on his hip and a superior grin, With his shoulder length black hair spiked out at the back as the fringe parts in the middle to frame his face, his white long sleeve shirt opens wide. EVA BJD 1/3 BJD Doll 56cm 24in Ball JoiAntiquented Doll Female BodyEerie – 24 Articulated Joints, ArtisanalSelf-Standing, Adorable Basic MakStunning craftsmanshipeup, CustomizabStandard buildle & Versatile Styles

Self-Standing Design: The doll is designed to stDiminutive-sized and independently, making it perfect for display and photography, shoTeeny-weenywcasing itFundamental structures beauty and versatility.Adorable Basic Makeup: Our doll comes with a lovely basic makeup, giving it a unique and captivating appearance right out of the box.Customizable & Versatile Styles: Change or enhance the doll’s makeup and create a variety of different styles, unleashing your creativity and making the doll truly your own.Perfect Collectible and Gift Choice: This 56cm ball jAlluringointed female doll body is an ideal choice for collectors and also serves as a unique and thoughtful gift for friends and family.Bjd Doll Body

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