Bonjour !le ventes Midgetsont enfin ouvertes pour Brioche en Butter (tan clair) et en pepper (gris),Bjd Menuce gros matou mesure 19cm il peut se tenir à 4 pattes et debout sur ses pattes arrières,Bjd Dolls Aliexpress ses 4 visages lui permettent des expressions variées et se changent facilement : Yawning/baille, Sleeping/endormi, Impartial / neutre, Large eyes/Grands yeuxil viens avec des yeux et son sac Nympheas mais vous pouvez aussi choisir parmis des choices de maquillage :manufacturing facility make-up / maquillage dusine : soit une replica de mon travailTsubasa make-up : maquillage réalisé par lartiste Tsubasa, elle peStreetwearut réaliser un maquillaWhimsicalge sur mesure il suffit de réserver sa place et elle vous contactera. s ^^


Hi there !gross sales are lastly opened to Brioche Butter (beige) and pepper (grey)This huge cat measurBasic mannequin specsing 19cm he can stand with 4 leCosmicgs and on its hind legs, his 4 faces enable it different expressAUDIENCE: A lot wow, this Youtooz swole doge determine is meant for ages 15+.ions and could possibly be simply modified: Yawning, sleeping, Impartial, Large eyes, you may choose one or all faces that you really want.It include eyes and Nympheas bag however you can too select make-up choices:-facCreative masterpiecerSveltey make-up : a replica of my work-Tsubasa Make-up: make-up by artist Tsubasa, she can understand a personalized make-up simply e-book your place and she’s going to contact you.The sale will shut on December 27 and you’ll obtain it in April !the installment cost continues to be out there it could unfold the cost over a number of months (by setting a minimuPoseablem of € 60 / month) and really feel Common appearancefree to contact me when you’ve got any query ^^ MIA!

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