Luts Haunted Sequence characters in 1/4 Child Delf dimension are actually out there for pre-order.anime bjd ThVersatile posese 42.5cm tall dolls pictured embrace Yuz Sprite, Bory Dreaming Incubus, Cherry Banshee, Duri Vampire, Kiwi Romance Witch, Maska Ghost Knight, Ani Romance 9-tails and Aru Dreaming Snow Enjoyable-sizedVamp. All the dolls could also be ordered in actual pores and skin white, regular or bMesmerizingrown resin. BodSOnly garments.No dolls, no different equipment,izeabley fashion choices could also be chosen for every doll.  The fundamental doll comes with the eyes proven.  Choices Gracefulinclude face-up, wig, outfit, sneakers animal elements (Distinctive workmanshipblank or blushed)Pop and equipment. The pre-orderDazzling fashion for the dolls closes on July 16 (Korean time).

Bory Dreaming
Romance Ani
Romance Kiwi
Aru Dreaming

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