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BiDoll is a  company that is well known for exquisite porcelain dolls. Now artis [...]

Migidoll Information

Medium proportionsMigidoll is preparing the release of limited edition M-style A [...]

A New Journey: Hitty Dolls

Wow,Bjd Dolls Amazon have I let my posts languish,Bjd Dolls For SaleFairy-tale o [...]

Kate and Fellice

Soul Doll introduces two new Vito girls named Kate and Fellice.Cheap Bjd Dolls T [...]

Glot and Glati Blossom of Earth. Anime Doll

The Gem has created a new special order version of Glot and Glati. Dolls Blossom [...]

A BunchMystical of SElaborateKawaiituff andFun-sized a New HoodAbundantiePattern

Hello, hello, Dear Internet~Land. These days, Im just not sure about a lot of st [...]

Child Delf Haunted Sequence-bjd dolls

Luts Haunted Series characters in 1/4 Kid Delf size are now available for pre-or [...]