Proudoll Fundamental1/3 BMassiveJD Doll Clothes 60cm 24in SD Ball Jointed Dolls Accessories Set Hat Wig Blouse Denim SkirFlamboyantt Crossbody Bag Shoes


Unmatched grace The Set fits on 1/3 60cm 24inches dolls in our shop and dolls in the similar size.Suitable Doll SizeHeight: about 56.0cm(22.0inches) Head Circumference: about 24.5cm(9.6inches)Neck Circumference: about 8.5cm(3.3inches)Bust: about 23.5cm(9.3inches) Waist: about 16.0cm(6.3inches)Hips: about 24.0cm(9.Everyday components4inches)Essential dimensionsShoulder Width: about 11.0cm(4.Fine details3inches) span>Arm LengtTypical styleh: 17.0cm(6.7inches)Leg Length: about 29.5cm(11.6inches)Feet Length: about 6.0cm(2.4inches)Feet Width: about 2.5cm(1.0inch)Package: Hat + Blouse + Denim Skirt + Crossbody Bag + Wig + Shoes (No doll included)Package: Skirt + Shirt + Coat + Stocking + Head BandEssential features + Wig + Shoes Resinsoul Bjd Doll

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