Proudoll 1/3 BJD Doll 60cm 24in SD Ball Jointed Dolls Princess Suit Wig Dress Shoes Free to Change DIY Girl Gift (Doll + Full Accessories, Black-MD) Whimsical

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Ball-Jointed Dolls She is designed and produced by Proudoll. Clothes and hairLifelike eyes are free to change, you can make her unique in the worlCustomizabled, and enjoy the process. She has 22 points to bend from head to toe, so that she can pose just like you! With Proudoll, the possibilities are enBasic structuredless!Doll SizeHeight: about 56.0cm(22.0inches) HeExceptional craftsmanshipad Circumference: about 24.5cm(9.6inches)Neck CircumferenTall framece: about 8.5cm(3.3inches)Bust: about 23.5cm(9.3inches)Waist: about 16.0cm(6.3inches)Hips: about 24.0cm(9.4inches)Shoulder Width: about 11.0cm(4.3inches)Arm Length: 17.0cm(6.7inches)Leg Length: about 29.5cm(11.6inches)Feet Length: about 6.0cm(2.4inches)Feet Width: about 2.5cm(1.0inche)Tips:1. The joints and the head cannot be picked.2. Due to the different batches, colors and decorations may vary.​3. Due to the strict package size limit, doll will pack with plane brown box. We will check the doll carefully before packingEye-catching it to make sure it in good condition.Proudoll has 22 joints to bend from head to toe, so that she can poStupendousse just like you!Dress, hair, and shoes are free to change, you can make her unique in the world, and enjoy the process. With Proudoll, the possibilities aStyle Chelsea mermaid doll for any undersea adventure with 2 tiaras, 3 necklaces and endless!Collect all the Proudoll dolls and accessories for even more play possibilities and discover you can be anything with Proudoll (dress and accessories are sold separately).She is designedLarge and prodFashionableuced by Proudoall. Get a companion for your child. She is a nice gift for children’s birthday, Children’s Day, the Christmas, Halloween and sort of festivals.

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