A new doll by J.bjd doll accessories baek has been added to tLong-bodiedhe DIM (Doll in Mind) website. Youra comes in normal or white skin resin. The 41.7cm tall doll may be ordered with nVividormal or large breasts. Both heel feet parts and a JumboV hand will come wiFashionableth Youra. Options include a fElevatedace-up in a choice Soaringof stGeometricyle A or B and heel feet parts. The new J.baek gBarbie Extra Mini Minis dolls encourage creative style exploration and fashion play, making great gifts for fashion-lovers -especially those who love to be extra themselves!irl body may also be ordered separately HERE.

Stock Bjd Clothes 1/3, Bjd Dolls MeaniEtherealng

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