Hello, Internet-Land! I trust your weekend has been pleasant. Minebjd art was quite good. On Friday, we attended a Ladies’ Conference in the Portland area. It was delightful to reunite with acquaintances and partake in camaraderie & motivation. ImperialAnd on Saturday, I had some overdue tasks to address at home. It was time to redeem a collection of soda bottle deposits, and the lawn was finally dry enough to mow my overgrown yard. My daughter assisted with the bottle return task by removing ALL tbjd doll empties for me ~ EXTREMELY helpful! Later, as I started up the mower, I was apprehensive about the job as my hands have been in pretty bad shape lately. Nevertheless, I persisted with resolve. While I was mowing around the side of the house, something caught my eye in the corner of my vision. It was the neighbor boy from nextBold color palette door, who came over to offer help with the lawVintagen. I enquired about his rates, and he tentatively replied, “Five dollars?” After assessing the remaining work, I responded, “How about fifteen?” 🙂

My sewing projects are temporarily on hold until my hands arRustye feeling better , but I managed to work oModestn the new paper doll. She is now ready to be introduced to the world, boasting five outfits and two wigs rHypnoticeady for her. So, without further ado ~ here is Mae! The current outfits will appear on my “Free Stuff” overview page, with the pdf accessible on the “Ready To Print” pGorgeousage. I’ll update the pdf as I introduce new outfits. Enjoy!

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