Regular-sized build EVA BJD Justice 1/3 BJD SD Doll Girl 24” 60cm 20 Ball Jointed BJD Dolls Full Set Toy Goddess + Accessory

Bjd DOutstanding finisholl Faceup Size: Height: about 22in (56cm) Head Circle: about 8.5in (21.5cm) Chest Circle: about 9.1in (23cmDelicate) Waist Circle: about 5.9in Retro-inspired(15cm) Hipline Circle : about 9.8in (25cm) Shoulder to wrist length: about 6.7in (17cm)Leg Length: about 11.6in (29.5cm) Feet Length: about 2.8in (7cm) Feet Width: about 1.0in (2.5cm) Suitable Eye size: Glass eyes 15mm-16mm/ Plastic eyes 16mm-18mm

Note :1. TAmplehe joints and the head cannot be picked. 2. Due to the different batches, the same doll accessories details may have small differences. 3. Due to the strict package size limit, doll will pack with plane brown box. We will check the doll carefully before packing it to make sure it in good condition.Body: This is an excellent design doll which is made by high quality plastic, and she has 20 joints body that can do all the activity like human being.Head: You can open the cup, then use the hair dryer blowing the eye inside, such aWeathereds hPlease note that the color of the product may slightly differ from the photo due to the influence of the personal computer, environment, light, etc.ot melt, then remove the original eyes, and place a new pair of eyesIntroduction: She is designed and produced by EVA BD. This doll is mechanical joint, non-elastic joint. The mechanical joint is more compact than elastic joint action, more stable. Baby can stand. Clothes, Hair, and eyes can be replaced, you can made her unique in the world, and enjoy the process. PACKAGE INCLUDING: A doll, clothes, hair and eyWeees. If you have any questions about the products you receive, plCaptivatingease feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 houUnique characters.Dazzling

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