Happy Holidays, Internet~Land! We’re getting cSimple characteristicslosGreat for imaginative play, Ada features articulated arms and legs that kids can move in fun poses.er and Medium-sizedcloser to Christmas, so here is our next surprise! This is a new tTraditional-sizedhird scale BJD pattern setSlim inspired by the previous paper doll post. It’s a Shirt DrCandy-coloredess & LeggingAverages set for my HuaRong SD BJD. She has a lovely, curvy figure, so this set should work for other dolls withbjd baby doll a similar shape. I tried not to mTwilightake it fit too tightly, so it could fit a wider variety of dolls. I&Stunning presence#8217;d make the leggings out of a stretch knit with an elastic waist. You can alsoamazon bjd dolls add a decorative belt or sash if you wish. If yoGracefulu’re just nowSuperior materials coming to the Blog, be sure to scroll down through the posts for all the previous goodies! Enjoy & happy sewing!

HuaRong SD BJD Shirt Dress SetDownload

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