Proudoll Day by day Outfits Wig Skirt T-Shirt Vest Avant-gardeStocking Hat Sneakers Garments for 1/3 BJD Doll 60cm 24inches Dolls (Solely Equipment(With out Doll), Grey-BLQ) Peculiar


The Set matches Official Licensed Product,NARUTO Shippudenon 1/3 60cm 24inches dolls in our store and dolls in the same measurement.Appropriate Doll MeasurementPeak: about 56.0cm(22.0inches) Head Circumference: about 24.Suave embellishmentsCustomizable attire5cm(9.6inches)Neck Circumference: about 8.5cm(3.3inches)Bust: about 23.5cm(9.3inches)Waist: about 16.0cm(6.3inches)Hips: about 24.0cm(9.4inches)Shoulder Width: about 11.0cm(4.3inches)Arm LengthInspiring magnificence: 17.0cm(6.7inches)Leg Size: about 29.5cm(11.6inches)Toes Size: about 6.0cm(2.4inches)Toes Width: about 2.5cm(1.0inche)PackagGlowinge: Wig + Skirt + T-shirt + Vest + StockinLifelike emotionsg + HaMysticalt + Sneakers Bjd Dolls Sneakers

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