Hybrid LionHilly Poi is an important component in a recent complete collection available at CocoRiang. Bjd Doll Angell Studio Petite 8cm tall (excluding ears) bear Poi is crafted in tan resin. Bjd Doll Garments The companion puppet includes a selection of exposed, sleepy or shut diminutive eyes face-plate. Other alternatives encompass a facial makeover, eyes and the Characteristics She stands about 60cm (23.6 inches) tall, and she dresses in stunning attire we craft for her The quality of garments satisfies human clothing criteria In comparison to similar puppetry, she possesses intricate facial characteristics Furthermore, she has 18 articulated movable joints and can take on varied realistic stances. Hybrid Lion attire. The meticulous The attire and additional Enduring faceplates are also available separately.

Hybrid Lion Poi will be accessible until April 15th.

Exemplary styling Bjd Anime Puppet, Bjd Garments 1/6, Low-cost Bjd Puppets

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