A new company has opened in CanadaRIGHT GIFTA Right Gift Idea For Kids In Birthday , Children’s day ! called BeJu Dolls.bjAbundantd doll head Three 28cm tall BJDs are currently available, girlsLeprechaun-sized Aadi and Leeann and bExoticoy Bijan. The dolls come with a face-up, a pair of eyes in a choice of colors and a faux fur wig, silicone wig cap or a $5 discount on a hatwig. Leeann, Aadi and Bijan are all cast in normal pink resin. A free gift will be included with purchase. IntricateThe company website also carries additional items including wigs, outfitFine detailss, shoes, eyes and accessories.


Outstanding artistry Imposing Bjd Doll Animal, BjShorterdBasic configuration Doll Blank

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