Distinctive personalityFour Senior line dolls, Raven, Heron,WHAT’S INCLUDED: Style doll, 2 full doll outfits, 2 pairs of doll sneakers, and doll equipment, doll comb, 2 hangers and a doll stand. Lillian and Rosella, could now be ordered at April Story.bjd doll physique 1/6 The 66cm boys and Fundamentalthe 56cm women can be found in a selection of regular or white pores and skin resin. All dolls are offered clean. Lady dolls come wColorfulith non-obligatory heel legs and toes or heel toes. Face-up service just isn’t accessible. April Story gives Velvetlayaway on purchases.


Inventive Bjd Customization, BjdMythical Doll Garments 1/4 Distinctive Stalwart

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