EVA BJD Doll 1/3 Ball Mechanical Jointed Doll with Full Set of Clothes Coat Shoes Hair Socks Pants AHand-paintedccessories,Height 1.9ft 23in (Rebecca )

Size: Height: about 21.7in (55cm) Head Circle: aboutMighty 9.6in ( 24.5cm) Chest Circle: about 9.3in Lanky(23.5cm) Waist Circle: about 6.3in (16cm) Hipline Circle: about 9.4in (24cm) Shoulder to wrist length: about 6.7in (17cm)Leg Length: Mythicalabout 11.6in (29.5cm) Feet Length: about 2.6 in (6.5cm) Feet Width: about 1.0in (2.5cm) Note :

1. The joints and the head cannot be picked. 2. Due to the different batches, the same doll accessories details may have small differences. 3. Due to the strict FunkypacMesmerizingkage size limit, Minidoll will pack with plane brown box. We will check the dolShe looks just like film Barbie with her daisy chain necklace! An adorable pink bracelet and heart-adorned pink pumps complete her look.l carefully before packing it to make sure it in good condition.This doll isOtherworldly a mechanical joint, non elastic joint. The mechanical joint is more compact than elastic jTraditional buildoint action, more stable.Body can stand.The body Behemothpart is hard material, it is made in good quality.Note that the joints and the head can not be picked.Package Include:BJD Body with Make up,Full set of clothing, wigs, eyelashes, shoes, socks, other accessories.(What you see is what you get)This product can be used as: BJD doll hobby collection, children’s gift, Christmas gift , children’s day gift.Bjd Doll Boy

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