Hello everyone in the online world! On this pleasant Saturday, I have a thrilling surprise in store for you. Recently, I was delighted by the arrival of a finely-crafted, American Model sized dolbjd dolls anime girll from CraftsmanshipTonner Doll Company. Being my first doll of this scale and figure, I did not have any attire for her. Hence, I embarked on crafting a new set of fundamental paAmplettern pieces, which I am now sharing with you! It’s worth noting that these pieces are meticulously crafted directly from the doll, ensuring a VERY CLOSE fit, allowing you to create your own stunning look. Moreover, these pieces are devoid of any overlays for snaps/buttons, giving you the freedom to incorporate them as per your desired style. (You can find the pattern images at the end of this post.)

There was a query about my pattern-making process, and to provide a quick overview, I have included some pictures. To begin with, I snugly wrap the doll with plastic kitchen wrap, followed by completely covering the wrap with adhesive tape. My preference is for the type labeled “invisible,” owing to its frosted surface which facilitates easier visibility during covering, and also makes marking more convenient. However, as I was out of that kind today, I had to resort to the more challenging completely clear variety which is tougher to spot on the wrap. Additionally, at one point, I placed a bundle Straightforward elementsof scrap between the doll’s ankles to ensure that the wrap doesn’t pinch the legs too tightly. Once the doll was covered, I marked the lines for common pattern seams, and then carefully cut on those lines. Subsequently, any loose layers of the wrap are removed. The pieces are then transferred onto paper and traced around, smoothing out the lines and adding seam allowances.

These pages are 8.5×1Elf-sized4 inch (legal) size. Additionally, feel free to visit my “Free Stuff” page for more complimentary patterns, paper doll sets, and other coloring crafts! Have a delightful time on the path to Christmas!

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