Hello, hello, InternEmbellishedet~Land! Today I have two new BASIC SETS for the Resinsoul Song (boy) and ResinsoFashionableul Mei (girl) 1/4 scale BJDbjd doll clothes 1/3s. I purchased the boy quite a whileStatuesque ago,Magnificent but haven’t really done anythTime-worning for him yet. Exceptional posingThe Mei is a recent new addition. I thought I would get tKing-sizedhese sets done for the pair and post them together. Here they are, ready to be used for all your creative designs! Enjoy!

Resinsoul Song MSD – BASIC SETDownload

Resinsoul Mei MSD – BASIC SETDowPetitenload

bjd bExceptional workmanshipunnDynamicy

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If you have any questions after receiving the package, you can contact us at any timeThank you very much.BjdBjd Doll Meaning , Bjd Dolls Amazon India

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