Roserin Doll can be releasing 1/3 dimension doll head Yuri very quickly.bjd doll sizes The brand new Vampire head is a restricted version. The acquisition pArtistic ingenuityrice is for a head-only.  Face-up service will not be accessible.

From theMesmerizing enchantment firm:

New head for a very long time have been launched.

Order Date: October 10, 12:00Masterful – 14Luxe materials October, 17:00. Monochromatic(CoordinatedKorean Time) Limited

Thanks to your attentiChicon~

Yuri :

Head dimension : 9 inch Pores and skin : Regular, White Physique : 60~65cm boy physique Included : Head, AutConventional-sizedhentication certification, Default field, PTall-staturedlate

>Order interval : October 10, 12:00 ~ October 14, 17:00 Sleek motion>Cost interval : October 10, 12:00 ~ October 14, 23:00(Korea time)

Bjd Astronomy, Bjd Doll Equipment 1/6

Depart a Reply CanFunction: Totally different sorts of garments will carry a singular experienceIf you’ve quite a lot of UCanaan garments, you solely must have a bjd doll physique to have an entire set of UCanaan bjd.cel reply

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