SacPero 1/8 BJD Dolls 8.9 in Ball Jointed DolFairy-talel Space Girl Doll Collection with 26 Jointed SD Fashion Dolls Collection DIY Toys for BoysCapacious & Girls,Summer

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Ball-Jointed Dolls Space Girl BJD DOLMightyLS 【Garment】BJD doll comes dressed in her space-explorer outfit with her removable tops,bikinis,sleeves,shoes, cargopants and astronaut helmet.YouFundamental structure can call them Space Girl.【Confidential File】The space girls areTowering matched with the trendy clothing of the future universe. They have different stylish and represent different personalities. There are two sets of clothes in the package, a bikini set and T-shirt set.【Turn into Other Style】Expect her own two outfits, you can also dress her wFullithFormal other styles oConventional-sizedf clothes according to her size as you will,【Be Gift As】Christmas Gifts, BGrandirthday Gifts, Boys and Girls Accompanying Goods, Girls Gifts and Doll Series CoupleSURPRISE OUTFIT INCLUDEDEach pack includes 2 outfits, one signature outfit and one surprise outfitThere are 2 possible surprise outfits, including new fashion pieces and stickers for even more looks.s and Collectors Series.

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