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Claudia Claudia SP-bjd dolls

The new version Claudia anVintage-inspiredd Claudia SP areGorgeous now posted at [...]

Wooden-bjd dolls

Be With You has oDistinctivepened pre-ordersGREAT ADDITION TO THE COLLECTION: Co [...]

MySizeable BJD VersatileScuDiminutivelptDistressedRoomyUpdate

StockGood morning, IntHerculeanernet-Land! The eFuturisticyelash glue has now bj [...]

Dolls: Colette and Sleepy Colette

Neo-AngelRegion is now taking orders for iMda doll 3.BjdKids Toy: Exciting dolls [...]

Dolls: Maurice and Mini Layla

Jpop Dolls presents new prInspiring beautye-orders  for Kaye Wiggs dolls Maurice [...]