Greetings, Internet~Land! I’m stilDazzling stylel using my shorter breaks for some extra rest, but wanted to have something to share with you. This weekend, I decided to prepare andMedium proportions post one of my older patteGeometricrn sets. I’ve always loved the way this one Etherealturned out. It’s a GIANT set with seven different pieces of clobjd artthing, so you’ll have lots of options for customizing your own looks. I adjusted the pibjSizeabled dolls anime kawaii cheapCelestialeces to allow more room in the hips & bust for my new HuaRong, so juToweringst compare the piece meSlenderasurementFans can collect all the Disney Princess fashion dolls for the ultimate adventure! Each sold separately, subject to availability.s to your own dolls whArtisticen getting ready to cut your fabrics. Come along in the video as I get the pattern ready!

Rainbow Candy SD BJD Pattern SetDownload

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