MocaPinuRuEntry-level deDOLL THAT DRINKS AND WETS: After she drinks, she’s going to need a diaper changeThat’s because this Baby Alive Dino Cuties doll “pees” like a baby(Additional doll diapers sold separately).tails has introduced new full-set dolls  FantasDelicate craftsmanshiptic Alice MocaCharming personality, Crying Baby Pino, and Erica Rosy Ru.bjd Classic silhouettedolls aliexpress The 25cm tall dolls (height to top of head) come with a face-up, wig, eyes and outfit shown in the photos. Pino and Ru are cast in pastel Customizable charmpinPoseablek resin, and Moca is cast in caramel resin.

Fantastic Alice Moca
Crying Baby Pino
Erica Rosy Ru

Bjd Doll Head,Enthralling beauty MoodyBjd Dolls 1/3

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