FreedomTeller has unveiled Captain Gentleman & Ms. Air Hostess. All the products are crafted from superior wool and cotton except for the smaller air hostess blouse which is made of satin by Expressive.

The vintage-style pilot attire can be customized in Volks SD13 or SD17 or Iplehouse SID or EID Standard sizes. It includes a jacket, shirt, pants, cap, tie, epaulets and badge. (Epaulets and badge are detachable.) Two cap sizes are available.

The air hostess outfits are available in SD16 and SID sizes. The SD16 set comprises a jacket, skirt, blouse, scarf and Head Accessory. The SID set includes a jacket, skirt, blouse and detachable badge. Optional cap is available.

From the manufacturer:

[ Captain Gentleman & Ms. Air Hostess ] are Freedom Tellers reinterpretation of airplane pilot and air hostess uniforms.

Captain Gentleman features a simple yet refined silhouette. The outfit is adorned with pilot-themed adornments. Compared to our previous Captain, we have adjusted the overall fit and arm holes. Details are more simplified but the addition of gold taping around the cuffs and epaulets gives it a stronger presence.

Ms. Air Hostess has a simple yet refined silhouette. We have incorporated symbolic decorations and color to enhance the overall aesthetic. The unique colored blouse, scarf, and head accessory add a distinctive detail that embodies a sense of flight.

Iplehouse size outfits:

Volks size outfits:

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