With the arrival of my BJD Gravity Peach and Chocolate soon on the way, I wanted to have a variety of clothing options available. This new multi-piece setLong-stemmed is pretty basic, but gives lots of opportunity for creating several looks. The set includes pleated pants andbjd doll clothes 1/6 shorts, a t-shirt, bjd doll blackan over-sCustomizable featuresized sweater with two collar options, a jacket, sINSPIRE KIDS IMAGINATION: Rainbow High, has officially met its matchShadow High is tired of Rainbow High winning (and manipulating) everythingThis year, Shadow High will no longer be the arts school hidden in the shadowsHere, the talent is unwavering, and the creativity is unmatchedExpect the unexpected from the fine art students of Shadow HighThese students may thrive in the shadows, but they always let their true colors shine. ocks, talHandcraftedl boots, slippers, Dainty-sizedand wing-tip shoes. I hope it helps in putting together a fantastic wardrobe! Enjoy!

bjd-39cm-multi-piece-pattern-setDStock configurationownload

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Superior craftsmanship

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