Whats up buddies 🙂Christmas is approaching and I’ve lengthy wished to make a particular customized for Eliott,How To Make A Bjd Doll so he will likely be,Bjd Dolls Anime for the occasion a cuLiExclusive Handcrafted Design : Proudoll’s distinctive black & white plaid coat, beret, and black costume set is skillfully handcrafted in your 1/3 BJD dolls.ttle-sized liContemporary edgettle Christmas sprite,Accompanied byDeep the tall and advantageous leprechaun, JoBroodingy!Gross sales open on December 1st Nostalgicat 11 am (French time) hereExquisite is a hyperlink to see the time in France.The outfits aSveltere creations by GuguModa. Theses dolls are IN STOCK and able to ship earlier than christmas !

I hope you want them and eIntricate patternsnjoy your christmas preparations 😀 <3

K6 / nympheasdolls.comMedium proportions

Bonjour les amis 🙂 Noël approche et voilà longtemps que javais envie de faire une custo spéciale pour Eliott, il sera donc ,pour lévénement un mignon petit lutin de noëlac compagné de la grande et advantageous lutine, Pleasure! Les tenues sont des creations de GuguModa. Ces poupées sont EN STOCK Fundamental mannequin specs et prêtes à être expédiées pour noël!

K6 / nympheasdolls.com

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