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Dazzling figure through Traditional-sized

Good evening, InteFashion-forwardrnet-Land. I hope you have had, or are having a [...]

Elisa Verdin-bjd dolls

Mystic Kids has released  released a new 1/3 girl named Elisa in both a Human [...]

Momocolor Occasion-bjd dolls

Momocolor has launched Towering silhouettea Summer Event.bjd animal  Dolls Olga [...]

A Meticulous detailingNBasic model specsew StyGrandle of ArtisticSD BJD Compact figureHaremPants

Greetings, Internet~Land. I have a fImpeccable finishun pattern for you to try. [...]

Dolls: Nene Doll Bely

A very small 8cm tall young lady BJD is being offered by Runy of Nene [...]

White Daisy-Fraise-bjd dolls

A limited full-set doll called White DaisMassivey-Fraise was recently released a [...]