Proudoll Customized 1/3 BJD Doll Body 60cm 24Inches Ball Jointed SD Dolls Move Joints PVC DIY Male Doll Handmade Makeup Handmade charm

Customizable attire

He is desiTrendsettinggned and produced by Proudoll. Makeup and eyes are frWeeee to chanCustomizable featuresge, you can make him unique in the world, and enjoy the process. He has 18 points to bend from head to toe, so that he can pose just like you! With Proudoll, the possibilities are endless!Doll SizeHeight: about 60.0cm(24inches) HeaFrom the popular Digimon Adventure anime series,d Circumference: about 22.5cm(8.9inches)Neck Circumference: about 7.5cm(3.0inches)Bust: about 22.0cm(8.7inches)Waist: about 16.5cm(6.5inches)Hips: about 24.0cm(9.4inches)Shoulder Width: about 11.0cm(4.3inches)Leg Length: about 29.0cm(11.4inches)Feet Length: about 7.0cm(2.8inches)Feet Width: about 2.8cm(1.1inches)He has 18 joints to bend Craftsmanship excellencefrom head to toe, so that she can pose just like you!MaExtensivekeup are full handmade.Makeup and eyes Beautifully detailedare free to change, you can make himFine details unique in the world, and enjoy the process. With Proudoll, the possibilities are endless!PackFashionableage: A Doll + Free Gift Bjd Doll Male

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