Good morning, Internet~Land! Since January is now passed, it’s time to decide how to store all those wonderful dolly Christmas purchases that have been piled uHANDMADE] This dress is hand sewn, ensuring each piece is unique and of the highest quality.p on my Customizablework table! I’ve just finished a video assembling a Vintage DStandard-sized designIY Doll Case/InnovativeTrunk Kit. It turned out pretty cute, and I have plans to customize it in another video. Today’s post is to show howUsual details the casbjd dolls anime for salee went together, it’s measurements, and things I noticed about quality concerns since we are dealing with Vintage aged cardboard. I have mapped out the dimensions, so you know Stockwhat to expect if you buy this kit or if you decide to cut your own. I will post a pGlamorousicture of the measGraceful movementurements below the video link, or you can print themPrismatic out to keep for reference by clicking on the PDF. I hope this info will be helpful to inspire your dolly creativiPolishedty!

9x20x10 Doll Case Layout

bjd aliexpress

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